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Herb's Bakery Elgin IL since 1954

People ask us why we do this. The truth? We love to create and bake! And the biggest enjoyment is to help create memories for young and old alike. One of the true joys is seeing our youngest customer’s reactions when they come in to pick out their very own cookie or donut with their parents or grandparents. (Many of whom grew up coming to Herb’s as kids themselves!)

We make and bake all the “old-fashion” bakery items a real bakery does. But we also create many new desserts and scrumptious treats for our customers to enjoy! Quite simply, that’s the pure joy of our profession!

We could give you quite a few reasons to come to Herb’s. First, the baking and decorating staff is all professionally trained at some of the best baking schools and programs in the U.S... We have also had the wonderful privilege of working with some great bakers and decorators over the years, and benefitted greatly from their expertise.

Herb's Bakery Elgin, ILWe could also tell you we’ve been voted one of the “Fox Valley’s Best Bakery” numerous times. Or that our decorators have won quite a few awards over the years. But in the end it’s the satisfaction of seeing that smile when the customer enjoys what they got that keeps us going.

We’re proud of the fact that we do everything here from beginning to end. Yes, it takes a little longer, but really, how much joy you can get from taking a box out of the freezer and baking it off. Not much if you ask us. So we do it the way Herb taught us.

Since 1954, when our Dad started the original Herb’s on Elgin’s east side, he taught us that you have to have a love for what you do.  His exact words—“When you love what you do, it shows”

Dad’s family had been bakers in Germany for years, and he learned baking working side-by-side with his favorite Aunt. When he got back from the Korean War, he bought an existing bakery and continued the tradition with help from his mother, Elsa. He and our Mom moved the bakery over to the West-side of Elgin, and with their kids, continued to bake up some of the best baked goods around!  Herb was proud of being honored as one of the first groups recognized as Master Bakers in the United States. But he was even more happy and proud to be surrounded by his family and baking.

We’re proud of our family tradition and hope it becomes one of your favorite traditions too! So stop in sometime, and when you walk in our bakery, the fresh aromas and smells will tell you, we’re a real bakery!

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